Tips for Improving Local SEO with Google’s Trio Pack

The Google search interface, particularly local SEO, is continuously developing. Since local SEO is always evolving, companies must do all possible to keep up or risk falling below their competitors. Then a user does a search relevant to their area. A recent upgrade in Google search results modified how local companies are displayed in the SERPS. The prior local 7-pack view, which included seven local firms in location-based SERPS, has been reduced to a local 3-pack perspective. This implies that local firms may have to compete harder with their competitors to appear in local listings. Digital Marketing Agency Virginia Beach suggest that companies should adjust to this shift as soon as possible to prevent the negative influence on their website’s exposure and traffic in their local area. 

Here are some suggestions for adapting your local SEO approach to the new update:


Enhancing your Google My Business listing improves its appearance and provides Google and potential customers with the most accurate information available. Provide as much data as possible, including your location, contact information, opening times, email address, and even the payment options you take.

  • Remove any duplicate listings from your GMB listing to improve it even further.
  • Use the proper primary classification for all of your locations.
  • Backlink to your website’s individual location pages.
  • Use a professional email address that corresponds to your website.
  • Rather than using a toll-free line, use local contact details.


Consumers check reviews for local companies 86% of the time, and 57% of them will only utilize a firm with four or more ratings. Getting positive Google reviews is not only necessary if you want to attract more clients, but it’s also a key ranking component for the Google 3-pack. These comments will show up on your local pack profile, along with your total star rating and the number of nasty comments. Searchers can also filter their results depending on a particular rating.

There are a few things you can do to boost your local SEO by getting more reviews for your business:

  • Promote reviews using in-store advertising at your brick-and-mortar business (if you have one).
  • At the time of operation, gather emails. Then, a few days afterward, contact consumers to request them to write reviews regarding their experience.
  • Encourage your employees to tell consumers how much feedback would be welcomed, especially if they appear pleased and pleased.
  • Create a page on your website dedicated to customer reviews, with links to third-party review accounts.


Because mobile traffic accounts for 52.2 percent of all internet traffic and half of all local queries, it’s critical that your site displays properly and is easy to navigate on mobile. Smartphone friendliness, like favorable reviews, is an important ranking criterion for Google 3-pack. A mobile-responsive website loads text, photos, and video rapidly on portable devices, adjusts to fit the user’s screen, and allows for easy access. This improves the user experience (UX) and lowers the bounce rate of your website, boosting your local company’s digital presence and SEO. 


Obtaining high-quality backlinks is still vital for search engine rankings. Local companies should generate normal backlinks to improve their organic ranking and tailor to local links to increase exposure. Create amazing, shareable information that draws readers and gives value to gain backlinks naturally. Quality backlinks from other local sites related to your business are required for local SEO. You may also include links to relevant pages in a local services list on your site for IT support consultant. In exchange, you might request connections to your website. 

Backlinks can also be gained through guest posting. Concentrate on high-authority sites, and be sure to link back to a helpful page on your own site. Getting your website listed in local directories relevant to your subject is another excellent strategy to earn connections. Also, keep in mind that quantity is never better than quality. As a result, five high-quality links are preferable to 50 low-quality connections.…